Month: May 2019

stone tile

Porcelain vs Stone Tiles

You can use both porcelain and natural stone tiles for interior decoration finishes. Usually, stone flooring materials are expensive because of the tedious manufacturing process they undergo. However, porcelain is a type of ceramic tile that undergoes many stages of production to make its materials hard. These natural stones and porcelain flooring materials can enhance […]

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interior consultation

Interior Styling Services: Pros & Cons

Are you considering the services of an interior stylist to help jazz up your home or business? ┬áCertain factors might influence your decision to either choose or reject the services of someone that just jumped into the decorating world. However, it’s easy to understand the disadvantages and advantages of this service when you have basic […]

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Destination Australia

Prevalent Australian Housing Market

Sydney and Melbourne are some of the beautiful cities of Australia that attract tourists, and second-home settlers every year. Unlike Hobart, these cities have had a meagre return on real estate investments since last year. Available data shows that Sydney’s median prices for houses and apartments were the highest in the first quarter of 2019. However, […]

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Flying business to Tasmania
General Business

Things to Avoid When Travelling for Business

People tend to forget the simplest things easily when they embark on travels, especially work trips. Perhaps they only feel the excitement of preparing for a trip on a plane or via train. The moment they arrive they suddenly realise… ‘oh I forgot.’ Or they make a U-turn, and go back home to get whatever […]

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Planning a Beach Themed Event

Do you love the idea of going to the beach in the summertime, but hate the sand and seaweed? Do you love the idea of the beach in general? Then why not host a beach themed party in the summer and invite your friends and family over. Trying to organise a beach themed party requires […]

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