Planning a Beach Themed Event


Do you love the idea of going to the beach in the summertime, but hate the sand and seaweed? Do you love the idea of the beach in general? Then why not host a beach themed party in the summer and invite your friends and family over. Trying to organise a beach themed party requires some hard work and attention put into place to get the beach feeling in which you intend on having. With the tips, we are going to give you in this article you’ll be able to organise the best beach themed party which all your guests will be talking about for a long time.

Here are some tips to consider when organising a themed beach party:

Place everything in the right place

When decorating you’ll want to put your decorations in places you know your guests are most likely going to visit or set their eyes on them. If you already have beach style furniture and decorations in your home then you probably have it all covered. If not, consider placing each ornament in areas where your guests can discover them over time, and you can start by making an excellent first impression by setting up the mood of a beach environment for your arriving invitees just by hanging a vintage beach life ring on the entrance of your location. Just a site of this will put them in a beach mood when decorating and placing your decoration; this should be a priority.  

Bar and Cocktail

When your guests get to your party what they’ll be looking forward to the most will be the drinks, and this is where you should create a real beach feeling. You should create a festive beach scene with the bar by placing several tabletop buoy floaters round a beach lookalike lifeguard chair. You can also add the beach themed photos on the bar and place seashells on the bar as well as everywhere else of the party location. If you have absolutely no idea where to start, visit or browse through a beach homeware store, this will give you some inspiration and allow you to see and buy some great products.

Your dinner table should be a place of focus as well

The next place to create an excellent beach scenario and impress your guests with a beautiful looking beach dinner table setting. You can do this by placing a beach themed table cloth on the table, adding nostalgic and natural subtle icons on the table like seashells, metallic foil Palm tree centerpiece, beach balls hanged above the table, sand pail and paper shakers, beach ball salt, and sand dollar beach chair votive candle holders, etc. Decorate the table with all the beach scenarios you can think of.  

Do not forget about the bathroom

After all, the drinking and eating the bathroom will be the most likely be the next stop for your guests; you can create a welcoming beach showplace for your incredible decorations. You can add a mixture or combination of some seaside and beach and icons like a towel displaying some beach scenarios, a soup, seashells, beach themed flip flops, and a beach photo on the wall of the bathroom. Try to think and be creative with your decoration in the bathroom and add as many things you believe will deliver a beach like an environment.

Dress with beach wears

If you’re inviting people for a beach themed party, then they should dress to reflect the party theme. You and your guests should all be covered in beachwear attires to make the party completely beach like, colourful shorts, flip flops, sunglasses, sun hats, shorts, tank tops or sundresses will do.

What is left for you to do now is to have fun and create the best memories you can with your friends after putting these tips into practice?