How to Write a Job Application for the Aged Care Industry

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The aged care industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. This is because; government bodies are dedicated to open several elderly homes in several countries so that the elderly and disabled can be helped. It’s for these reasons that there are plenty of open positions for one to apply in the aged care industry. 

Before applying for work in the aged care industry, there are several factors that you should pay attention to. For one, you must ensure that you are professionally trained to care for the elderly and the disabled with the right experience. This involves holding Certificate 2, 3 or diploma in Aged Care, and a minimum experience of 120 hours working in different types of elderly homes. Also, you should identify whether you want to work in an established aged care home facility or you want to work as a personal care worker for an older person in a home. Also, it would help if you examined whether you have the right attitude and passion for helping the disabled and elderly persons. Once you’re decided on these aspects, writing a job application will be more relaxed, which will guarantee your chance of being hired to work in the aged care industry.

Writing Job Application

Writing a job application in the aged care industry is not unlike writing for other types of job application, the only difference is that you need to persuade the hiring manager of your experience and ability in the industry, and your interpersonal communication skills.


In the introduction of the job application letter, you should go straight into your intention of writing the letter. As with recruitment agencies, the reader will have letters piling up at their desk or in their inbox, hence going straight to your reasons makes your cover letter an easier read, giving them a better impression. For instance, you may include your name and the position you wish to apply for in the aged care centre, and the name of the Elderly centre you’re looking to work for. In case there is a specification to include the job posting reference number, you should include it in the introduction of the letter. 

Background Information

Your background information is what sets you apart from other individuals applying for the position in the aged care centre. Here, describes your academic qualification, it’s important to note that most elderly patients and managers prefer candidates with Certificate 3 in required qualifications; hence they have a higher chance of being employed. In this section explain the current certificate you’re holding and the number of hours you have previously practised as an aged care worker. Remember, the higher the amount of work experience, the higher your chances of being hired.

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While outlining your experience, it’s prudent to explain what you have been doing with all your work experience. For instance, you can state you are very familiar with organizing social events for the elderly and disabled, helping in hygiene, assisting in food preparation, and medication monitoring with rental healthcare equipment.

Additional Information

Apart from academic and work qualification, it’s important to include any additional skill set that may prove to be advantageous in your job application letter. This information may include your lessons from experience with the elderly, such as you are now more compassionate with the elderly. Also, you may include other educational qualification, such as basic medical knowledge, or you may be a registered nurse. Additionally, you may outline your physical stamina and physical fitness, your knowledge in emergency response, and your ability to work independently and keeping time. There are online courses you can take for extra points like fall prevention training courses to boost your resume.


While giving other additional information about your qualification, remember to foreground your acquired skill set. Working in the aged care industry demands that you be patient, compassionate, love your job, and have good interpersonal and communication skills. Highlight these skills in your resume so that the hiring manager can know your personality traits. Additionally, mention your enthusiasm to work with the elderly and the disabled and what motivates you to work with them.


In the conclusion section, highlight the remarkable experiences that make you qualified for that position and your enthusiasm to work with the aged care facility. Conclude with your contact information, and a strong suggestion is to outline what you foresee this helping with your long term career.