Things to Avoid When Travelling for Business

Flying business to Tasmania

People tend to forget the simplest things easily when they embark on travels, especially work trips. Perhaps they only feel the excitement of preparing for a trip on a plane or via train. The moment they arrive they suddenly realise… ‘oh I forgot.’ Or they make a U-turn, and go back home to get whatever they forgot. However, travellers must learn to prepare for trips earlier than a few hours to departure time. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading down to stay at one of the best hotels in Tasmania or a bungalow in Queensland – you need to be prepared before you leave the house.

Plan your mobile Communication

You might not want to go off the grid for days after arriving in a foreign country. It’s not cost-effective to travel without checking your cell phone plan. There are international call plans or data roaming offers from network providers to travellers. Most times it’s more expensive to roam, than buying a local SIM card after arriving at your destination. Keep your smartphone on aeroplane mode to conserve data, but you might be able to access Wi-Fi. Have a chat with your manager before you leave and see if you can get a company-paid phone.

Prepare Travel Checklists

Make paper notes, checklist and soft copies of your travel details. Keeping track of your itinerary and travel needs will help to avoid mistakes. Most travel mistakes occur when we are less focused. However, developing a checklist to guide your plan is the smart way to go. Always ensure to tick the items that have been packed. Make notes of item locations on your checklist book, and refer to it when you need to unpack. Preparing a pre-travel checklist will keep your luggage organised and prepared for early morning flights.

Travelling to Tasmania luxury style


The feeling of anxiety and nervousness can affect the quality of your travel preparation. People tend to forget the simplest things easily when they embark on travels, especially business trips. If you’re feeling particularly nervous, why not book a relaxing treatment at a luxury day spa upon arrival? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your time, even if you’re travelling for business!

Be Security Conscious

You might find all kinds of people at the airport; security and state operatives, field staff of airlines, passengers and those in their company. Keep the bags containing your cash and valuables safe to avoid theft. Beware of strangers at the airport that lurks around. They seek to assist or ask for favours to transport undisclosed items to your destination. It might be stolen or used to smuggle contraband items. All luggage and cargo are screened by security operatives before they are transported.

Don’t Miss Connecting Flights

Give sufficient time after your arrival before booking connective flights. Some people make the mistake of scheduling appointments to close to the arrival of their connecting flights. Always give room for immigration delays, the time it takes to connect the city from airport terminals. It’s painful to experience a delay at the airport when you miss connective flights. Make budgets in case you have to pay extra cash to the airline company for missing your connecting flight.