Using Wire Work to Spice Up Your Office

Ever wondered what the chair in your office looked before it was transformed into an actual chair? It looked like a geometrical skeleton or a wire-frame. We tend to overlook the hidden geometry behind objects like our furniture, fabrics and metals etc. in our lives.

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What is wireframing?

Wireframing, a form of wire work, is basically like software on which you sit on. National Taipei University of Education approached the architects to make some digitized objects for their museum lobby. The vision behind this was to depict the design processes that go behind various objects we observe in our daily routines. In simple terms, the wire-frames are hollow furniture which is stripped of its material and mass.


Japanese architect, Noiz used black steel rods which were 3millimtres in width to intimate CAD wire-frames. Museum’ reception counter. sofas, chairs, tables and even the plants were twisted with wire-frames. With these turned and bent wires, the museum’s lobby is a feast for eyes where you could watch analog and digital space into a one bit space. This unconventional project is displayed at just next to French plaster sculpture from the 19th century which is a donation from New York’s metropolitan museum. It is appealing to observe cross between new and conventional along with physical and digital.

Stand out

Your house would stand out if you purchase wire-frame furniture for your interiors. These welded structures resembling 3D wire forming can add to the aesthetics. It is very pleasing to the eyes due to its uniqueness and minimalist style.


Being made of metal or steel wires, wire-frame furniture has a longer life cycle as compared to regular pieces of furniture. Wire-frame furniture has no issues like losing polish like wooden ones, scratches from your family kitten and other issues that may damage the furniture.


The wire-frame industry is a solution to the increasing problem of space in this evolving world. This versatile seating could be conveniently shifted as per the space constraints due to its lightweight.

Strength and durability

Higher longevity is due to comparatively more durability in this amazing furniture. It is strong in structure as it is made of metal wires twisted and bent in shape of your ottoman, study table or any type of furniture. Apart from the basic structure as per the shape of the furniture, extra wires are added to make it strong and reduce the risk of wires deforming on use.


It’s not replacing your old favourite cushions.

Just imagine your home or workspace, totally decluttered and just lines around. You will not need cushions for your couch or any mat or your table. Seems great? Although wire-frame furniture is eye-catching, they are mostly discomforting. Only a 3D artist would get obsessed to replace his normal furniture with wire-frames as designed by Tokyo based architect, Noiz. But if you wish to go for this unique furniture, you need cushions to make it workable. So, you can retain your most liked cushions while you discard your obsolete furniture.

Outdoor living

Wire-frame furniture is one of the latest trends for creating an outdoor oasis in backyards or balconies. Metal plant stands, metal side tables and other categories of wire-frame furniture are being used for furnishing outdoors. An extra touch to wire-framing twist is added with woven fabrics, fur or sheepskin.

From where to buy

Herman Miller Inc. with its headquarters at Zeeland, Michigan offers wire-frame furniture at its offline retail stores and e-commerce site. This company was founded in 1905 and is famous for its research. manufacture and design of various types of furniture. There are many other producers of iron and metal wire-frame furniture.

When the time has come to refurnish your house and office there are many benefits if you were to use wire based framing for a new design, get started early!