Picking a Water Tank For Your Property

There is nothing better than sitting on the couch in your pajamas listening to the rain drop on the tin roof and then listening to it rush into your water tank. Having a tank installed means you can save money on your water bills and create a more environment friendly home by conserving water.

There are so many options for rain water tanks you can always find one to suit. There are many different shapes, sizes colours and everything else in between. You may feel a serious amount of issues or pressure when going ahead with selecting a new water tank for your home. This shouldn’t be a daunting or pressure-filled time, this is an opportunity to make an important decision that will help both you and your home.

Are you wanting the tank for outdoor or indoor use?

Before you buy a tank ensure you know how you want to use the water that you collect. If you want it just for watering the gardens and plants, washing the car and keeping the grass green then you need to get a tank that is suited for outdoor use. You can send the water to your washing machine and toilet to save money on your mains water bill. You will need to contact different types of specialists to deal with any types of sewer blockage you may come across for an outdoor water tank installation.

Deciding what tank you need

When it comes to choosing a tank, you need to choose a capacity. This will be determined in the size of your home and garden. There are different shaped tanks that can fit in certain places like an underground tank which saves space but is more expensive. To help you decide on the capacity you need check out calculators on sellers’ websites that can help you work out the size you need. A 5000l water tank is recommended for an average size home.


Tanks come in different materials some are made from metal that can be flat rolled or corrugated which may be coated or even galvanised. They come with a plastic liner that helps to increase the life of the tank and ensure your water quality.

Polyethylene which is a plastic and is quite popular due to their low price and durability. Rust is never an issue either.

Fibreglass tanks are chemical and rust resistance to be able to handle extreme weather conditions. These are a dearer option and suited for outdoor installation above ground only.

Concrete tanks can be used for industrial and farming purposes. These wont rust, melt or blow away. They can be made onsite if you want a custom size.

The regulations

You will need to check with your local water supplier as to what regulations and rules apply for tanks in your area. Sometimes you may be required to submit a building application and there may be restrictions on the location where you put the tank, the size and noise regulations if you have a pump. You may be required to have a certain energy rating and water efficient level tank installed to work with your legislative requirements.

Issues you may come across

There are a variety of issues you may come across after selecting a water tank and choosing to implement it and change your water supply system. You may realise that your current water supply has been obstructed because of a blocked drain or maybe you have found that there is some stagnant water somewhere in the drain system. Finding these issues or problems is both a good and bad thing. Of course, it is going to be alarming when you find these problems and initially you may feel quite down or negative about the whole situation, but the positive is that you are already making a change to your home or water supply so there is no going out of your way, you are completing some changes and can complete some more, if it is needed. You may however need to contact some professionals in dealing with these certain issues, just to make sure there is no longer any obstructions to introducing your new water tank to your home.

When you shop around for quotes ensure that does include installation and delivery. If extra fittings such as taps, and pipes are needed check they are included in the price, so you don’t get stuck with hidden fees and charges.

All types of water tanks work well and can save you a tonne of money on your water bill. Instead of letting it run off the roof to a puddle save it and use it for whatever you need. Making this decision can be something that benefits you financially, physically and mentally. There may be no better feeling than saving water and saving cash at the same time.