Outfits for an Internship

First impressions last. While you are ready to consider if you would fit in and enjoy working in a prospective workplace, your future employer surely has expectations of you too. You want to deliver on this by establishing a good first impression. So, as you go for an internship interview, your outlook and presentation should represent professionalism. Here are some outfit ideas that will bring you the confidence that you’ll need one the day.

Jackets and Blazers

When looking for student internships, dark shades demand respect right away. Light-coloured garments that are more casual may not be appropriate and could end up being more suited to riding ferries and taking a breather at the park during lunchtime. Therefore, darker and more professional colour schemes are more appropriate. You can observe this kind of dress code amongst employees at a law firm, if someone is working for political affairs, and when you represent anything at a high level. Wearing jackets and blazers instantly gives an intern credibility. 

Dress Pants

Most of the time, interns that are on the go, like realtors or agents, will go for this kind of outfit. This is because being mobile and comfortable is important when they have to be present at buyer auctions or even at construction sites. So, to avoid painful calves and varicose veins because of tight and uncomfortable clothing, refrain from wearing knee-length skirts and heels. Dress pants usually come with a jacket or blazer too, and of course, a well-polished pair of leather shoes should be worn. Slacks or dress pants showcase integrity and most of all, modesty.

Animal Prints

These wildlife prints can be fabulous if you wear them the right way. Combine these strong prints with a decent polo shirt, dress shoes and subtle pieces of jewellery. You will come across as confident and bold. Animal prints generally denote strategy, power, and warmth all at the same time. With a properly tailored dresses in the animal print of your choice, you could be successful.

Include Elegant Pieces

In business, it’s important to be neutral in choosing your hues. Style may be owned by many, but elegance is something money can’t buy. So, be careful in choosing your jewellery. This especially includes when you’re going to meet up with a client or participating in an interview.

Unique Style

If you are joining an artistic firm as a writer, singer, or dancer, your own unique style may be necessary. Do express your thoughts and be yourself, but be careful not to go overboard. If you are the fashionista kind, be a source of inspiration to the rest of your company. Marketing internships require you to be unique, therefore, this should be reflected through your style.

Minimalist Fashion

Colour choices and presentation say a lot about an intern. Dark hues are more favourable to the corporate world, while bright hues are inspirational in artistic industries. Nonetheless, you are expected to perform to your best potential. While a principal, a businessperson, or the CEO may be seen in the corporate style most of the time, note how they wear their accessories. Accessories can be a fun way to implement a bit of your own style into your outfit, whilst still being professional and appropriate.

There are different kinds of styles that internships could consider. Take note of the importance of investing in basics, undergarments, colognes or perfumes, grooming, and a good hairstyle. Go for the pieces that you think match most of your outfits to get your money’s worth. Remember, go for a style that matches your personality the most, but also take into account the industry clothing norms.