Internship in Melbourne Search

The Australian Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) outlines that Australia’s current unemployment rate remained steady at 5.1%. According to Bill Evans, the Westpac chief economist, the Australian economy is expected to contract by 0.3% during the March and June 2020 quarters, marking the first recession since mid-1991. With the hope that Australians will spend their money to encourage economic activity, led by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, many are anxious about how to put a stop to it.

While Australian businesses agree that ‘recession’ has hit the country because of the tallied 56% of businesses with an annual turnover of under $5 million, interns aren’t losing hope. 

What is an internship?

An internship provides a real experience of how your prospective company operates daily. The position that you will get may earn a salary or remain unpaid. Nevertheless, you are there to learn.

An internship is an opportunity offered to interns or potential employees that will work at a firm for a fixed period, usually lasting 1-3 months. COVID-19 has created a sense of uncertainty while people are on lockdown. During this time, investing in yourself is the best investment there is. So, get familiar with the different ways on how to find an internship in Melbourne.

Be prepared to do volunteer work 

As mentioned, it is not a guarantee that you will get the position. Combined with the skills you’ve gained from tertiary education, volunteering helps to build individuals up for the future. Volunteer work helps you get the most out of your education. Volunteering will also encourage personal growth and development. 

Since travel bans are still in force, look for opportunities within your local area

Try to follow companies that talk about a preference for employment online. This way, you will be able to follow specific leads and be pointed toward the right path. Then, you can directly contact the institutions by yourself. Tell them your intentions and send your degree certificates.

Contact organisations of interest

You may find this usually in a forum, podcast or Facebook page and other social platforms. Companies offering internships are searching for dedicated candidates. 

Update your CV

This is quite important, as this is a source of information about you. Some institutions require this to begin the assessment. So, as this is a make or break situation, make sure your resume is perfect and read an article or two about the company, just in case you are called for an interview. 

Wait and be still

Remember how important your role will be if you become an intern. They offer a very important contribution, particularly in today’s competitive world. Interns are also hired because of the fact that they provide an extra set of hands that can help in accomplishing goals and finishing projects on time. The best internships in Australia can provide the greatest learning experiences. 

Before we part, here are 8 benefits of an internship:

  1. It helps an intern gain valuable work experience
  2. It allows you to map your career path
  3. It gives you an edge in the market
  4. It improves your skills, and probably will give more life lessons 
  5. It allows you to gain confidence
  6. Networking with professionals 
  7. Ease into a new job
  8. Possible remuneration

Anybody who takes the initiative in landing an internship will be viewed more favourably in the eyes of future employers. Many employers want to hire people that value further learning and development. So, if you’re applying for a spring internship, you should be looking as early as October or November. And if it’s a summer internship, start looking up to a year in advance.