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The History of Industrial Water Treatment

The beginnings of industrial water treatment were during the industrial revolution which took place in the 19th century. The initial stages of treatment started with the internal treatment of boiler water. The purpose at that time was to develop a way to generate steam. Research shows that there are patents that date back to 1857 on internal water treatment. Majority of the patents during this era involved the use of natural organic tannins for boiler scale control. There is an old wise tale that suggests the this all came about because a workman hung a bag of potatoes in the boiler and forgot about them. This was a problem because the boiler was just cleaned and the workman closed it up with the potatoes inside and they got cooked. It was an accident that caused the scale to built up in the boiler. Corrosion is another problem that industry water faced especially if the water wasn’t treated. The built of bacteria can become a problem too for water usage of untreated industry facilities. The well-known bacteria that has caused problems for some industries in the past is known as Legionella. If water is contained for an extensive time period, especially untreated water, this creates an environment for bacteria to grow and breed. The bacteria Legionella can be fatal if ingested which is the result of Legionnaire’s Disease.This water is even more dangerous if it enters your house, you should call emergency carpet drying services if this happens at any time.

The industrial water treatment process encompasses the following:

-Wastewater Effluent Treatment

-Boiler Water Treatment

-Cooling Water Treatment

-Water Purification

However, water treatment seeks to maintain the following problem areas:



-Microbiological Activity

-Disposal of Residual Wastewater

Why is Industrial Water Treatment Important?

The treatment of water is very important to the industrial requirements. So much so that some research shows that there are four major branches. In the eyes of some business owners, water treatment is viewed as expensive and a luxury. However, it’s quite necessary. An important aspect of water treatment is making sure the process if effective, safe, and efficient. It was stated somewhere, that water is valued as the blood of all facilities because water breathes life into all facilities. The ultimate goal of a “complete water treatment program” is to operate in a way that efficiently transfers heat. The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) and many engineers would state that water is the best form or medium for heat transfer. Which brings me to my next point. Other research labels the four major problems areas that need to be maintained as the following:

-Corrosion Control

-Dirt and Debris Control

-Microbiological Control

-Scaling Control


Water treatment

The History of Water Treatment

Research shows that the incorporation of water treatment methods was first suggested back in 2000 BC; which can be found in the Ancient Greek’s writings. During this time frame, people had become knowledgeable about many different ways to purify their water to make it safe. The top method was to heat the water. Individuals knew that applying heat to their water would offer some type of safety precaution. The Greek’s continued to explore their options for making their water safer. Greek’s became educated on the factors that water can be treated through a filtration process by way of sand and gravel. Filtration is the process of filtering something. In this case, the filter would be considered as the sand and gravel. Straining was becoming increasingly popular as well. Another water treatment method that was gaining headway during this time period was the ideology of boiling water.

drinking water

The main objective for applying some type of water treatment method to water was to make better tasting drinking water. The causes for wanting a better tasting drinking water was because of the water being foul and turbidity filled. Foul smelling water during this era made it hard for individuals to establish whether their water was foul or clean. Turbidity is a process of a fluid becoming cloudy or hazy which is caused by a substantial amount of individual particles being suspended in the water that is usually invisible to the human’s naked eye. Know days, the measurement of turbidity is one of the major tests of water quality.

The Take Home Message

The treatment of industrial water is important just as is the treatment of drinking water. The water used in the industry is mainly for powering various different types and forms of equipment. Which leads to the idea that a company or organization should want the best and optimum water flowing through their plants and facilities because that allows for their machines and equipment to function smoothly, properly, and efficiently. The above mention statement tells you why, you as a company, need to treat your industry water. Industrial water treatment is a process that is put in place to help optimize most water water-based industry processing facilities to ensure that operating costs are reduced significantly for processes such as heating and cooling.

Untreated or improper industry water treatment allows for water to interact with the surfaces of various different machine parts which can cause a machine to break down and lead to higher operating costs. An example of this is using untreated water in a boiler that is used to produce steam. However, the use of improper industry water that is not treated will cultivate the built up of scale or even let corrosion settle into heavy machinery. The build-up of deposits will eventually lead to an increase in fuel usage. The inflation of fuel usage will increase the average fuel cost for that facility.

So, to save your company time and money get your industry water properly treated. Don’t cut corners to save a little on the first end because it’s going to cost you on the back end. Treated industrial water is a win-win for anyone or anything involved. With treated water you have a high functioning processing facility, the machines function better, your bottom line doesn’t fluctuate, and the environment benefits from industrial treated water.

The ever-increasing need to have costs reduced to the barest minimum is perhaps one of the most significant challenges many enterprises in Australia face. The cost control challenge is even more so with small and medium businesses. Some such companies will only begin seeing cash inflow in a few days, months or weeks of their starting up. Now, you know why some such small businesses start a business from their garages or homes just to save the massive costs of renting office space in Australia.

One other unique thing about this category of business is the fact that they are usually multi-task. It is not uncommon to find the owner acting as the salesman, general manager as well as accountant. By so doing, they can save all the salaries. However, this may not be an altogether great idea. Bookkeeping, for instance, is an activity that can categorise as backend and as such should not be a burden to owners of small and medium businesses. Here are a few reasons why every growing business ought to hire professional accounting services:

tax photo

Get all your deductions sorted out

In this period of taxes, a large number of small and medium business owners are seeking for new ways to get the best of their tax deductions. However, when the end of the year comes, it becomes quite late for anything meaningful to be done in this regard.
Professional accounting services should be able to help you by showing you the possible deductions all through the year while also counselling you on how you can take some vital decisions for deductions at the end of the year. A lot of entrepreneurs tend to forget to count for specific items such as depreciation as well as space for the home office and expenses from their pockets. Informing all the costs to accountant’s firms, you will get better and fewer tax deductions. However, you should consider experienced consultants who follow ATO-compliant rules such as tax consultants from the BAS Group. Much outsourced tax specialist misses out on the Australian tax regulations that lead to a big mess later.

Avoid audits

One other vital reason why you should engage the services of professional accountancy firms is the fact that you will be able to avoid an audit. However, a large number of people picture professional accountancy companies as someone who comes to take care of the issues after they must have occurred and companies are in a mess. One important thing you ought to have at the back of your mind is that audit can easily avoid by getting the right level of guidance as well as counselling of professionals all through the year. There is a wide range of reasons why an organisation may get audits, some of which includes errors in the tax forms as well as being a little too charitable as well as write-offs that are too much. Professional accountancy firms can be a fruitful partnership in the long terms who ensures that your business is fiscally sound.

Ability to make real-time decisions is enhanced

Engaging an accountancy firm as your financial consultants to help you with budget and monitoring the flow of cash on a regular basis, will assist you in navigating through the challenges that occur every time. You may consider adopting a collaborative approach along with the professional companies thus helping you to make certain decisions by up to date information while also making the most of a relationship which should assist you in making specific entrepreneurial choices when required.

A team and not just a person is usually involved

accounting working desk image


A medium or small sized organisation which engages the services of a professional accountancy firms makes use of the expertise and talent of just an individual. When there is only one accountant in an organisation, there is usually no one to cross-check and oversee the work of such an individual. It, therefore, suffices to say that when such a person misses little details, he may not get it. Carelessness usually does not happen when the job is outsourced, by outsourcing the task, you are not just engaging one individual but a complete team of accountants. These individuals will assist in cross-checking the work of each person. They will usually give each other supportive inputs so that the work can be perfect. The choice of an accounting firm merely is just validating the saying that “two heads are better than one.” It is a case of more heads being put together in synergy to bring the best out regarding quality.

Budgeting and performance analysis

By engaging a reputable accounting firm for your growing business, you should be able to have precise estimates of your budget every time. The budget includes your sales target, project control, production costs. When your evaluation and the professional’s assessment is balanced, you ought to be able to arrive at a more specific budget. Usually, as a business begins to grow, the total cost of operation is bound to be composed of some individual budgets such as sales budget and marketing budget. A proper accounting firm will involve some things such as the projected cash-flow, running costs, variable costs as well as fixed costs.

Proper accounting should also be able to help you monitor the performance of your enterprise; it should be ready to serve as a sort of indicator of the revenues and costs that has to do with your operations. It is also a right way of helping with management decisions especially if you carry out budget reviews on a regular basis as part of your planning cycle. It is also an excellent way to determine the real difference between the budgeted and actual income per tome. The performance of any organisation can improve

upon by having a good grasp of the primary drivers for the business such as sales, working capital as well as costs. Understanding the factors should help identify any problem that has to do with cash flow as well as loss or falling profits as they will undoubtedly show up in the forecast for the budget.

Without a doubt, professional accountancy firms are a vital component of any small or medium organisations hence making it essential that you get the right hands on deck. It is, however, a proven fact those professional accountancy firms will always help any small and medium company to grow without the inherent cost of hiring one on a full-time basis. It is however advisable that only the best engage for this purpose.

To save yourself from unwanted mishaps such as break-ins, burglary, abuse or even kidnaps, a CCTV camera installation for your home can be an intelligent solution to get a note of all such notorious activities and save lives and property.

Different type of CCTV

Before installing a CCTV camera, you should keep the following instructions in mind:

  • Wireless security cameras are best placed at a distance of about 100 m from the base station.
  • Use an efficient Monitoring Software that can give information about all the operating cameras at the same place.
  • Maximise your CCTV Camera’s motion detection performance by placing your security camera at least seven feet high.
  • Customise your software according to your needs. You can also share your camera over the net by subscribing to an online monitoring service.

Top 9 Highest Quality CCTV Cameras and where to buy in Australia?

1. Smart Security Camera SWWHD INTCAM from Swan

The most popular Security Camera from Swan is the SWWHD INT-CAM that has a 1080p resolution with a super wide 120-degree viewing angle that can capture all the movements in your absence. The camera is completely wire-free, is battery operated and can be connected to the smartphone via the SAFE by Swann app to see all life or recorded footage as and when needed.

Other features: 10m Night Vision Distance, Weather-proof, Wi-Fi enabled, Audio Recording, 7 Day Local and Cloud Storage and True Detect.

2. VDC 260VO4 20 Surveillance Camera from Bosch

This unit is one of the most commonly purchased CCTV Surveillance Camera that gives the most basic monochrome/ colour view at an affordable rate. It is a compact and stylish security camera that gives high performance in variable light conditions. The camera can fit in any place with its easy to install three axes system, and it also has an intelligent motion detection function.

surveillance camera

Other features: Minimum 0 Lux or 0.5 Lux Illumination, Colour and Monochrome supported, Analog Video Out, Privacy Zones and Motion Detection functions.

To get the best security cameras installed in your home and offices in Australia, companies like Dhillon Networks, RACV and Chubb Security Solutions can help you find the perfect CCTV solution.

Dhillon Networks is amongst the top rated security installers in Melbourne who provides you with an extensive range of quality products to choose from, uses endorsed and registered cabling, all with an excellent customer support in the backdrop, and most importantly, it is Victoria Police Approved. Visit to find the tailored security solution.

3. DS 2CD3132 Mini Dome CCTV Camera from Hikvision

Security cameras from Hikvision are known to provide advanced security surveillance with its powerful, all-seeing and core communication features. The Hikvision DS 2CD3132 Mini Dome Camera is one of the best outdoor Surveillance Cameras that has a compact design and is suitable to mount at all places for providing you superior quality surveillance solutions.
Other features: 1080 Full HD, Waterproof/ Weather-proof, 2048x 1536 image resolution (3MP), progressive scan CMOS Video Compression, 2.8 mm lens, 30m IR visibility (night vision) with True Day/ Night vision.
Buy Hikvision Security Cameras from:
5 Ground, Level 2 Eden Park Dr,
Macquarie Square, NSW 2113

4. DH IPC HFW4421S from Dahua Technology

This outdoor surveillance unit is power packed to provide you high-quality images and videos of all the notorious activities happening across your vicinity while you are off for a vacation! The camera works with software, webpage or a mobile app and uses Ethernet connectivity to give you versatile security solutions on the go. It is rated as the best value for money surveillance camera of 2017.
Other features: 4MP (1080p) with resolution image sensor, 3.6mm standard fixed lens, IP66 Indoor or Outdoor, PoE with Ethernet and Mobile connectivity.

5. Arlo and Arlo Pro 2 from Netgear

The popular Arlo and Arlo Pro 2 Surveillance Camera from Netgear is one of the most sorted after solutions for a smart home that comes with the most advanced set of functions. While the Arlo gives you a resolution of 720p, the Arlo Pro 2 is designed to give you a higher resolution of 1080p.
Other features: Wi-Fi enabled, 130 degrees field of view, mobile and web app connectivity, cloud or local storage, push notifications, alarm, digital zoom, night vision, and IFTT, Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Nest integrated.
Buy Netgear Security Cameras from:
Level 18, Tower A, Zenith Centre,
821 Pacific Highway
Chatswood, NSW 2067

6. Smart Security Wireless Camera LHC 5200 WI from LG

If you are looking for the most exhaustive feature-rich security camera in the market, then you must pick the most ravishing LG Smart Security Wireless Camera LHC 5200 WI that has connectivity to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z Wave and as well as with ZigBee. It is best known for exclusive features such as sharp HD video, ADT Canopy monitoring and Z devices control.

Other features: Amazon Alexa integration, 1080p video resolution, Mobile and Web connectivity, E-mail, push and call notifications, two ways audio and night vision and ADT 24×7 Monitoring Service which can automatically contact your local authorities when an alarm is triggered.

Buy LG Smart Security Cameras from Harvey Norman where you can own surveillance cameras at a discounted price and get free and safe installations upon every purchase.

7. Nest Cam Outdoor

This unit has a resolution of 3MP with a 130-degree field of view and audio and motion sensors that can trigger recordings and send you real-time push notifications and alerts via email for superior monitoring. It has a magnetic base that can position the camera at all angles to get optimal viewing.
Other features: 3MP 1080 Resolution, 8x Digital Zoom, 8 Infrared LEDs for night vision, Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, USB Connector, Waterproof and Weather-proof.
You can buy Nest cam security cameras, for more details about Nest Cam Outdoor Camera, visit

8. All in One Home Security Device from Canary


Some of the exclusive features of the Canary All in One Home Security Device is that it provides high 1080p security video quality, gives crystal clear quality night vision, monitors air quality, humidity and temperature and is super easy to install. It delivers the finest quality of live streaming video on your mobile, and you can sign up for cloud storage subscription (free up to 12 hours) for endless streaming and storage of all your video recordings.
Other features: 1080 camera, 147 degrees viewing angle, 3x zoom, 12 infrared LEDs that provide a range of up to 25 feet, Alarm, Mechanical Pan and Mechanical Tilt.
You can buy Canary Security Cameras from Ubuy Australia and eBay Australia or get it shipped from

9. Netatmo Presence

The Netatmo Presence provides the most advanced set of motion detection system for even the minutest of things within its range. It gives sharp 1080p video and has some of the most amazing features such as event-triggered recording and floodlight.
Other features: 1080p with a 100-degree field of view, mobile and web connectivity, email, text, push or call notifications, digital zoom and night vision.

You can directly buy Netatmo security cameras from stores like However, the Netatmo Presence requires professional installation from the hands of expertise such as Smart Security and Dhillon Networks.



Solar Powered Pump is advanced electricity driven pump digitally optimised to receive power from a network or a solar PV array. Here is an introduction of solar powered pumps.

According to the assessment of NSW Farmers Association and NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, the main crisis of Australian agriculture is the excessive electricity consumption for pumping purposes. Intending to maintaining large agricultural projects, which require large water pumping for irrigation; and also saving the cost of energy like mains electricity and diesel, modern technology comes up with a massive invention ‘Solar Powered Pump’. The solar powered pump is an effective solution to lessening the cost of pumping sufficient water in the rural areas.

A typical solar system includes a solar array along with a system controller and an electric pump. The function of the solar array is to convert sunlight into energy and supply it to the system controller. The energy received by the system controller is fed to a DC motor and stored to a connected pump. This stored energy (grid electricity) can be used, according to o necessity, to pump water either irritations or other domestic purposes.

Benefits of Using Solar Powered Pump: In general, solar pumps are highly beneficial for mainly two areas such as (a) stock and internal pumping (b) bulk water pumping for irrigation. Although the primary objective to use solar pumps instead of conventional electric pumps is to save both energy and cost of agribusiness, we must admit its various functionalities in both major and minor sectors of agriculture. Using solar PV on agricultural farms may bring the following benefits to the stakeholders:

  1. Less costly than the mains electricity and diesel driven pumps.
  2. Limitless production of energy with the availability of sunlight.
  3. Perfectly built to supply stored energy for both large and small farms.
  4. Cheap connection and infrastructural cost.
  5. Easily replaceable due to no hassles of new power lines or poles.
  6. Noiseless, fume-less and even no necessity of extra fuel.  
  7. Scalable and up-gradable with extra panels, if an additional or increased output is needed.
  8. Interchangeable with mains electricity supply system.
  9. Reliable, flexible and designed properly for easy maintenance.
  10. Environment-friendly for it helps avoid direct consumption of fuels.

Solar Powered Pump as Boon to Agribusiness: Solar PV arrays are wonderfully designed to serve the purpose of the steady and reliable power supply if sunlight is available. Even on cloudy days, a solar powered pump can produce enough energy to irrigate huge farmlands. Apart from this, application of solar powered pump instead of domestic electric pumps lets the farmers get in touch with the advanced technology, assess the beneficial aspects of it and make a comparative study of their investments and returns.

Australian agribusiness has been facing a challenge of high mains electricity bills of the rural farmers due to the huge cost of lifting bulk water to meet the demand of the large farms. Since they have to use mains electricity and diesel as fuel for pumping, it costs them so high that their agriculture soon turns to a non-productive sector. Moreover, high network charge and connection costs, etc. also aggravate the grand amount which exceeds the margin.

With the increasing fragmented farms and the growing demand of augmentation of agricultural outputs, in NSW alone requires more than 5 million mega litres (ML) of irrigated water lifted from rivers and underground. It is costly to meet the demand of such massive scale of water supply using limited electric energy or diesel.  Using solar power with the help of solar powered pumps, they have almost overcome the crisis. Excepting merely a few drawbacks, a solar PV system is turning to be a formidable solution for the irrigators across all farming systems.

Irrigation of water with solar powered pumps is more useful for the remotest areas with low lying lands and also for the farms or crops that require year round water supply. A solar PV panel with its storage can also be used as an assistant to an existing electric pump for emergency water supply when electric energy or diesel run out at top peak hours. As a result, farmers in Australia prefer the solar powered pump as a free standing system to irrigate their farms at low cost and with little maintenance.

Use of Solar Powered Pump for Drinking-Water Supply for Livestock:  Livestock at big sheep stations, ranches or pastures need the continuous supply of drinking water all the year round. Lifting drinking water from nearby bores, dams, rivers, underground or other water sources and storing it in the elevated tanks or troughs cost a lot for an ordinary bore pump. The solar powered pump can supply sufficient water for the livestock and also, solve the extra charge of electricity and diesel.

Supply of Domestic Water and Cleaning Farm Buildings: Installing a solar powered pump integrating to a motor pump can go a long way to solve domestic water solution as well as save additional charges of electricity consumed at daytime. A solar PV system can pump massive water from underground and store it to header tanks during the day to be used at night. Apart from domestic solutions, farmhouses need to be cleaned with a plenty of water for proper sanitation, and it is undeniable that an integrated solar panel is the most convincing solution for it. See how to install a Solar Powered Water Pump System.

Most Australian farms had to depend on the electric pumps for irritations and other domestic purposes until they found a cheaper alternative. They had to spend a lot using mains electricity and diesel as fuels to drive those pumps to supply water on vast farmlands. With the invention of solar powered pumps, which are more feasible, practical and reliable than conventional pumps, they get used to this advanced technology.